Computing Scenarios

Computer Science

How you would develop a child’s understanding of algorithms in Key Stage 1? Use evidence from you PSKR to support your discussion.

Algorithms can be addressed in KS1 in numerous ways including:

  • Unplugged activities through instruction writing and human robots
  • Using floor turtles such as Beebots
  • ‘s Hour of Code programe
  • Scratch
  • Screen Logo

Information Technology

How would you use sound/ music applications OR a digital art project to promote creativity in a cross curricular context? Your discussion can focus on either a Key Stage 1 or 2 classroom. Use evidence from your PSKR to support your discussion.

Digital Art projects can be constructed around a cross-curricular context such as history in many ways:

  • Recreate historic art using digital packages
  • Draw portraits of famous historical figures
  • Recreate historical artefacts
  • Construct historical towns and figures based off descriptions (creative freedom)

These projects can then be included in a virtual gallery for the children to look around through a virtual tour which leads on to LOtC opportunities within an actual gallery.

Digital Literacy

Identify a resource for developing E-safety at Key Stage 2 and how it could be used in a school context. Explain how this resource supports the Programme of Study for Computing at Key Stage 2. Use evidence from your PSKR to support your discussion.

Many websites provide information about E-Safety, however, the resources provided on cover a wide range of topics and cater to pupils of all ages. Specific resources for KS2 include:

Both of these resources support the Digital Literacy section of the National Curriculum in the KS2 Subject Content that requires pupils to ‘use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact‘.


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