PED1017 Computing Session 14

PED1017 session 14 – Digital art project

Using different paint packages to recreate the work of famous artists is an appropriate start for work on digital art as it enables children to familiarise themselves with the tools they can access.


Modrian uses a large amount of straight lines and a limited colour pallete within his work which can easily be recreated in 2Paint (PurpleMash).

export (3)


Seurat uses the method of pointillism which could lead to behaviour management issues during recreation as the children would be likely to grow bored. The 2PaintaPicture App within PurpleMash, however, provides a pointillism tool making the process significantly quicker.

export (5)


Initially, Rousseau’s art appears difficult to reproduce, however, the NGAKids Jungle Website enables pupils to add layers easily and manipulate them to suit their individual purposes.



Picasso’s work can be used in the classroom to benefit the ability of children to present a theme using a limited colourscheme. Within 2Paint or generic paint, this is easily achieved.

export (6)

Virtual Art Gallery

Using programmes such as Art Steps provides children with the opportunity to display their work as if they were in an actual gallery. The variety of programmes available ensures that every pupil has the opportunity to access the activity and the programme can be specifically selected to meet the criteria of the teacher.



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