PED1017 Computing Session 13

Session 13 Images & photo editing




There are many different programs that can be used when creating images and editing photos such as object based packages, web packages and traditional photo collecting software.

Within KS1 Images and photo editing can be assessed against the KLIPS documents provided by Lancashire.

Year 1 and 2 KLIPS

2Paint – is a pixel based, single layer paint package utilising different tools to create images.

self portrait

2Draw – is an object based graphics program that utilises layers that can be moved forwards and backwards to create a variety of images.

Cereal Box

Classroom Architect – is an online classroom planning graphics program that utilises set elements. These can be manipulated within an area in order to plan a classroom.


2Design and Make – provides prepared templates that can be manipulated in order to produce 2D and 3D images.

killer whale

Digital cameras, microscopes and images can additionally be used across the curriculum as pictures can be used within books as evidence of completed work, exemplary work can be presented on the visualiser for all pupils to see, images such as QR codes and aurasma can additionally make learning more interactive and interesting for pupils.

Teachers need to consider file formats and extensions in order to ensure documents are accessible for all.


  • Resolution – the detail held by an image
  • Resizing – changing the size of an image
  • Pixels – smallest component of an image
  • Dimensions – length and width of a digital image
  • Aspect Ratio – proportional relationship between width and height
  • File Format – standard means of storing and sharing images

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