PED1017 Computing Session 14

PED1017 session 14 - Digital art project Using different paint packages to recreate the work of famous artists is an appropriate start for work on digital art as it enables children to familiarise themselves with the tools they can access. Mondrian Modrian uses a large amount of straight lines and a limited colour pallete within … Continue reading PED1017 Computing Session 14


PED1017 Computing Session 13

Session 13 Images & photo editing keylearningincomputing-years1and2 keylearningincomputing-years3and4 keylearningincomputing-years5and6 There are many different programs that can be used when creating images and editing photos such as object based packages, web packages and traditional photo collecting software. Within KS1 Images and photo editing can be assessed against the KLIPS documents provided by Lancashire. 2Paint - is a … Continue reading PED1017 Computing Session 13