PED1017 Computing Session 12

Session 12 Soundscapes and podcasts

Soundscapes are used in order to present an atmosphere or an environment for the audience. Within the curriculum, they can be utilised in order to present a topic to be covered in English or can be used to enable children to picture being in a set environment for History or Geography work.

Podcasts are recorded and later distributed across the internet to be accessed at any time. The subject matter ranges from general broadcasts to subject specific recordings and many are targeted at Primary schools specifically meaning they are accessible for children. These can be used in many ways across the curriculum, for example children could record an interview with a historic figure for history work. This can then be utilised by other pupils to develop their historical knowledge on figures within the topic they are studying.

This is an example of a soundscape representing a city that can be used to introduce a city topic within Geography.

Children’s progress in a topic focused on soundscapes and podcasts can be assessed through their final work as well as questioning surrounding how they created the project. Also, self-evaluation can occur through the comparison of their work to others if they are uploaded to a padlet or google drive folder.


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