Getting Ahead

I have always been quite organised and at times when my anxiety is looking like it will get the better of me, organisation helps me out. This means that I am pretty adept at getting ahead and so these are my top tips for staying on top of work in Primary Ed…

  1. Keep a diary – write every deadline, reading, extra curricular activity, social engagement etc. down in a diary to make sure none of the important information slips through the gaps
  2. Get involved – there are so many opportunities to participate in non academic activities at University and having extra deadlines can make it easier to prioritise (meaning less procrastination)
  3. Do your reading – reading lists are available for a reason and keeping on top of set and extra reading ensures you have free time to relax regularly
  4.  The library is your friend – I have a strange love for the library at night, when things are quiet and calm, and I have spent numerous hours scrolling the library website and scanning the shelves for important books in the run up to an assignment so getting there to find the books you needed have already being taken out can be slightly heart breaking. Often libraries only have a few copies of a key text that needs to supply the entire course yet alone the year! So get in there early, get your hands on the necessary texts before they all go!

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