PED1017 Computing Session 11

Session 11 Sound and music

Sound and music fits into the IT strand of the Computing Program of Study and can feature in lessons in many different ways.

Using 2Explore in Purple Mash provides a simplistic opportunity for Reception/Year 1 children to develop their familiarity with sounds and music creation programs.

Another Purple Mash app called 2Beat additionally benefits Year 1 sound and music development, however, the app provides a more in depth look at tone and beat and can be differentiated as some children can create music with more beats than others.

A more advanced program within Purple Mash is 2Sequence which can be used in Year1/2. This provides the opportunity for purposeful sound recording that can be linked to other work across the curriculum.


Other sound recording, composition and mixing equipment can be used a as component of multimedia and cross curricular work. Some of this non-computer based equipment  can therefore bring elements of computing into a range of lessons.

Outside of Purple Mash, Incredibox utilises sound mixing to create looped tracks…


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