Apple Teacher

My family has always been rather technology crazy due to my Dad working in IT, which meant that when I discovered the Apple Teacher accreditation, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. The basic premise is developing a familiarity for two of the most widely used Apple products, the Apple Macbook and the Apple IPad.

I became accredited using the Macbook pathway as this was the device I had access to at the time and I wanted to get stuck in straight away. As you complete each section, you’re rewarded with a sticker which brings back considerable Primary School enjoyment (and reminded me of the happiness stickers brought my Professional Practice class). The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn. This meant that soon enough, I earned my recognition.

After this, however, I found out I could achieve an additional recognition in the Swift Playgrounds Apple Package. As Algorithms are such an important component of the Computing curriculum and computing is the subject I wish to spend more time on in order to develop my subject knowledge, I decided this additional accreditation would be beneficial for my Professional development. I personally found the Swift Playgrounds section harder to complete due to the way that the information I was learning was completely new to me.

Overall, the Apple Teacher certification is definitely something I would recommend to fellow trainee teachers as although some may see it as a waste of time, I personally found this an enjoyable way to advance professionally and supplement my CV.


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