The kids may be alright, but I certainly miss them

So, it’s over.

7 weeks of Professional Practice are complete and I’m surrendering my position at the front of the classroom for another year and going back to being a full time Uni Student. I’ve officially left my placement school for the last time armed with numerous letters and pictures to remember my amazing class by.

Professional Practice has been one of the toughest challenges I have ever accomplished, but I officially survived these 2 months and I can safely say teaching is still my desired career path. Coming away from school with ideas for classroom organisation, ideas for assessment and ideas for lesson plans has just got me more and more excited for my future in the classroom.

Many people view Primary Education as constant colouring in, however, my time in school has just cemented my own understanding of how wrong this perception is. Teaching is a vocational course for a reason, as a teacher, you are responsible for every single little life in the room with you, you are responsible for their progress, their social development, their individual growth.

Teaching is already the only career I can see myself entering and, more over, teaching is the most rewarding career I believe a person can partake in. I am more than willing to continue my teaching journey, and I am very excited to discover what the future will bring.


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