Long Distance Sucks

Settling into University is hard.

There’s no point sugar coating it, managing a substantially increased work load in an unfamiliar environment whilst trying to get to know a whole different set of people is difficult. Add in ties back home and the whole thing can become worse.

In my case, it definitely felt worse as I was not only moving away from home, but also, my girlfriend. Subsequently, my homesickness was almost unbearable during those first few days. In spite of missing her significantly, gradually things became easier. I settled in to my course, I became closer to my flatmates and I nurtured more and more friendships.

Primary Education is a tough course, there are folders and journals and assignments and at times I had to sit and remind myself why I wanted to be a teacher, I had to remind myself how rewarding becoming qualified would be. That’s why that despite long distance sucking, it’s so much better having a long distance relationship than having no relationship. Having such an amazing support system throughout such an exhausting and  exhilarating journey makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and having this support both at University and from people back home makes everything that little bit easier.


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