Ready Steady Cook

Cooking and baking have always been important aspects of my life. When I was growing up in particular, both my nan and my mum were almost constantly found in the kitchen and there would regularly be new treats to taste. Since moving out on my own into my flat at Edge Hill, I have become responsible for my own cooking and eating habits and so far I’ve loved every minute. Finding new and exciting recipes online, baking as much as possible and sharing different creations with my new friends and flatmates. Generally, I see cooking as ‘quiet’ time, part of my day where I get to destress and organise my thoughts.

During Professional Practice thus far, I have been unable to bake to the same extent that I would have liked to. However, tonight I was coerced by the flatmates to have a break and make M&M loaded Oreo cake bars which are most definitely a flat favourite. Saying I was coerced is perhaps a bit extreme as there was limited resistance on my part and, ultimately, I owe my flatmates a thank you as the half an hour or so that I took to make the goodies as a break was much appreciated. 



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