Professional Practice Begins

Despite months and months of preparation, this first week of Professional Practice was absolutely nothing like what I had imagined in my head. Walking into an unfamiliar environment is always a little bit unnerving, especially when you are walking into an unfamiliar environment in a position of responsibility. However, I loved every minute.

Being in that classroom for my first week was amazing, getting to grips with the environment and the pupils individual requirements meant the time whizzed by. I’m not saying there weren’t already tough moments, but standing in that room, planning my lessons next week, meeting such (already) inspiring teachers, reminded me exactly why I applied to become a teacher in the first place.

When you start your first placement, the first week is about getting used to the school and the idea of being a teacher which means learning the children instead of learning subject knowledge to pass on. I luckily have a good memory for faces and names which was beneficial during those first few hours and days as this professional practice means I have to teach 60 pupils over the week. I am also lucky to have another trainee teacher placed in the same class as myself which meant I have someone to bounce ideas off, go to lunch with and ultimately get lost with.

With only another 2 weeks before we finish this first half of professional practice for the Christmas holidays, I can already see my time on placement passing in the blink of an eye. This doesn’t, however, make me any less excited to get stuck in and teach my first whole class next week.


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