PED1017 Computing Session 7

PED1017 Session 7 e-safety

E-Safety in schools is always an important issue and events such as E-Safety Week just highlight the high regard held towards the subject. During this session, we looked at the different aspects that must be considered when approaching E-Safety and browsed the childnet website for resources that could be used within the classroom to promote awareness and respectful use of the internet.

Digi Duck is an example of one of these resources. The ebook tells the story of a funny image of Proud.pig that Digiduck wants to share with his friends, however, whilst Digiduck is sleeping, Wise_Owl appears out of the computer screen and takes Digiduck to the future. Through the journey, Digiduck realises the negative implications that would occur from him sharing the picture and decides not to spread the image around the internet. This story is easily interpretted and easily accesible for Primary students in order to introduce the issue of E-Safety and online bullying which demonstrates the benefits that accompany using the resource in the classroom.


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