Bishop David Sheppard

On Friday I participated in my very first exemplar day at Bishop David Shepard CE School in Southport. The school was really incredible to visit as the passion of every single member of staff was evident as soon as we entered the building. We first started with a tour and you could immediately see the pride the Headteacher held after being a member of the staff for the last 6 years. The tour was really eye-opening as the layout of both the school and each separate Key Stage was very different to any of the schools I have attended for educational and work experience purposes. Following the tour, we were introduced to the school’s English lead and the task they had prepared for us which I personally found really intriguing as it was the first opportunity for us to interact one-to-one with pupils since beginning the course at Edge Hill. We were challenged with teaching an individual year 3, 4, 5 or 6 pupil 3 new words from their respective National Curriculum vocabulary lists and were introduced to methods utilised within the school, however, we were encouraged to come up with our own techniques and to share our ideas. This encouraged our enthusiasm greatly and it further increased over lunchtime when we had the opportunity to observe the pupils on the yard and interact with them, meeting the children we would later be working with. After completing the spelling activity, we had the opportunity to observe different classes and I was placed in EYFS with another trainee. Although neither of us had selected this as our minor,  we found the experience really engaging and found conversing with the nursery teacher (currently in her NQT year) really interesting as we discovered new techniques to engage with the early years children. Overall the day was really engaging and like all of my other experiences within school, reignited my passion to one day lead a primary classroom.


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