PED1017 Computing Session 3

PED1017 Session 3 Floor turtles – beebots and roamers

Algorithms in KS1 can be most effectively utilised with beebots and roamers, two electronic devices which can be programmed to follow a specific route.

Initially, the two floor turtles can be used as unplugged devices as routes can be mapped out on floor maps, whiteboards or through the pupils using their bodies within spaces such as the hall. This is essential to the pupils forming secure knowledge as they are working out steps in their algorithms prior to programming them into the beebots or roamers. Any issues in the algorithm can then be debugged, as pupils are able to physically see any problems.

Barefoot resources can additionally be used in order to teach algorithms to KS1 pupils through activities such as crazy characters which requires children to write a specific set of instructions for other pupils to follow in order to draw a made up creature.



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