Who am I as a teacher?

Beginning an ITT programme and becoming a Primary School Teacher has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and now I’m officially entering my second week of training and being posed the question…

Who am I as a teacher?

At this point in time I’m finding it hard to articulate my answer to this exact question, I know who I am as a student due to my enthusiasm and passion for learning and education, I know which experiences have guided me along the path leading to Edge Hill University and I know the things that I personally value. However, I’m just starting my journey on my quest to have my very own classroom and I’m yet to have had any experiences that guide me specifically as a teacher. I may be gradually developing my skills as a teacher and through seminars and lectures my personal teaching philosophy is already forming, however, ‘who am I as a teacher’ seems a particularly daunting question at this current moment sat in only my second computing session, when I am currently yet to lead a class 100% independently. I can’t wait to figure out who I am as a teacher over the next three years and I feel ever so lucky to have such an amazing system of friends and family supporting me every step of the way through every twist and turn. My journey is just beginning and I couldn’t be more excited.


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