Digital Story

Video I have always wanted to be a teacher. I know that sounds like one of those cheesy stereotypical phrases said by everyone doing ITT, but it's true. Despite occasionally imagining myself as a marine biologist, singer, doctor or fairy princess, I have always come back to teaching. Starting a degree surrounded by other people … Continue reading Digital Story


Computing Scenarios

Computer Science How you would develop a child’s understanding of algorithms in Key Stage 1? Use evidence from you PSKR to support your discussion. Algorithms can be addressed in KS1 in numerous ways including: Unplugged activities through instruction writing and human robots Using floor turtles such as Beebots 's Hour of Code programe Scratch Screen … Continue reading Computing Scenarios

Computing Subject Knowledge

Following the Computing Subject Knowledge Quiz, I am confident in my knowledge entering the ESKA. However, I aim to work on my terminology and confidence in explaining this to children on Professional Practice.

PED1017 Computing Session 15 – ARS

ATTENDANCE RESPONSE SHEET Planning and assessing is important in all areas of the National Curriculum, however, learning how to plan and adapt learning sequences for different classes and how to interweave assessment is particularly important in Computing. Planning Exercise PED1017 Classroom scenarios PED1017 Computing Session Plan Ecclestone Lane End Primary School TEACHING PLAN PED1017 Computing … Continue reading PED1017 Computing Session 15 – ARS

PED1017 Computing Session 13

Session 13 Images & photo editing keylearningincomputing-years1and2 keylearningincomputing-years3and4 keylearningincomputing-years5and6 There are many different programs that can be used when creating images and editing photos such as object based packages, web packages and traditional photo collecting software. Within KS1 Images and photo editing can be assessed against the KLIPS documents provided by Lancashire. 2Paint - is a … Continue reading PED1017 Computing Session 13